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The large burdock (Arctium majus, botanically Arctium lappa L.) is a daisy family (Asteraceae) with purple flower heads and large heart-shaped leaves. It has its natural distribution area in Europe, but is, among other things, also grown in North America and Asia. While it can grow over two meters in height, it forms 30 to over 90 centimeters long taproots underground. Burdock root is considered a traditional herbal medicine, which is why its extract is often used in cosmetic care for external treatment but also for internal complaints.



Burdock root extract contains flavonoids, essential oils as well as mucilage and bitter substances and has strong antioxidant, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. When used internally, it traditionally has a supportive effect against urinary tract and gastrointestinal problems. In cosmetics, however, its properties help with seborrheic, dry and flaky skin as well as eczema and acne. The healing ingredients of burdock root also promote wound healing and can support skin cell regeneration.



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