About Us

This is how we built feels.like - from concept to implementation. Founded out of a passion for regeneration and sport. Scientifically based. Designed to revolutionize your performance potential in training and competition.

our mission

We support ambitious athletes with highly effective and trustworthy premium products in physical and mental regeneration so that they can rediscover their physical potential.

With the power of selected natural ingredients, the body's own processes can be naturally and effectively optimized and so on personal records are broken. Our approach is to use the latest scientific findings to develop the most innovative and effective solutions for regeneration.

From medicine to performance

feels.like was born out of a passion for sport and the power of nature. Our co-founder Simon researched the medical benefits of herbal active ingredients in his bachelor's thesis and then worked at a wholesaler for natural medicines. He was fascinated by the positive effects of natural active ingredients on the regeneration of athletes. Driven by his enthusiasm for sport, Simon came up with the idea of ​​combining natural ingredients and sport. Together with Patrick and Philip he founded feels.like - Germany's No. 1 regeneration brand.

That's what makes us different

100% active ingredients - 0% fillers

Our products contain 100% natural ingredients. We do not use fillers such as water or alcohol. Each individual ingredient has its right to exist, as it either supports the effectiveness of our products or has a positive influence on essential product characteristics such as viscosity, taste or shelf life. This uniquely high concentration of active ingredients makes our products particularly effective.

Scientifically based

Our recipes are based on the latest scientific findings from sports medicine and natural sciences. We work closely with physiotherapists, pharmacologists, sports scientists and experts in the areas of regeneration and natural cosmetics to continuously improve our products and develop innovative recipes.

Triple laboratory tested

Thanks to our pharmaceutical background, we were familiar with the highest quality standards from the outset. To ensure that our products do not contain any banned active ingredients, each of our batches goes through the testing procedures of three independent laboratories. This was the only way we could meet the requirements of competitive sports and convince top athletes and their physiotherapists of our choice.

feels.like family

  • Simon Zweigler

    Founder & Managing Director

  • Patrick Wiese

    Founder & Customer Relations

  • Philip Jurecz

    Founders & Strategic Alliances

  • Cameli Hoque

    Public Relations

  • Olmo Cairoli


  • Diego Barra Ureta

    Data Science