The Medical Board

The NeuroComplexes are used daily by numerous renowned sports physiotherapists from elite sports in their treatments.

  • Berengar Bushman

    AREHA Athletics & Rehab Center

    DOSB Sports physiotherapist for professional athletes in football, tennis, triathlon and much more, senior lecturer at TOP PHYSIO for the “Sportphysio DOSB” course, scientific member of Fascia Research Group

    "feels like a change: For me, a change that came as a surprise in this form. Surprising quality, surprising successes, surprising joy. For me it is the best sports gel for regeneration to date."

  • Carsten Pfarrer

    Medical Park Borussia Mönchengladbach

    Head of Rehabilitation & Head of Prevention

    "I was immediately impressed by the products from The first impression was already overwhelming. Feel , The quality and gliding properties of the oil and balm are great. I have never used an oil with a better grip. The use of pure ingredients without filler products has completely convinced me. a Dream is a complete success with professional athletes. They are impressed by the newfound Sleep quality is amazing!”

  • Carlo Trees

    Physiotherapist & osteopath for professional thriathletes (including Patrick Lange)

    I am 100% convinced of the products. After I was affected by an injury myself and tried it on myself, I was amazed at how quickly I became pain-free and more mobile. Since then I have been using it in many of my patients, especially athletes, to accelerate regeneration.

  • Christian Tambach

    Hamburger SV

    Sports physiotherapist at Hamburger SV, qualified osteopath for sports, expert in frequency-specific microcurrent

    "I was particularly impressed by the products from the pure natural active ingredients, as well as their effectiveness when using my holistic therapies with regard to natural regeneration processes and long-term performance improvement. The combination of comeback and wonder is now a due to their natural effect an integral part of my therapeutic treatments for athletes in top-class sports."

  • Cathrin Junker

    T2 HealthPerformance

    Sports physiotherapist (DOSB, DFB), qualified osteopath in sports, OS coach, kPNI therapist, athletic trainer (DOSB), health and nutrition coach, support of current professional , squad and Olympic athletes in football, tennis, hockey and winter sports as well as young athletes.

    "The sports gel is a real game changer in all therapeutic pillars of our holistic approach. We use in treatment, in follow-up treatment of any injuries and for regenerative purposes. We reach our goals more quickly with our patients and athletes through accelerated regeneration processes and more sustainable therapeutic success."

  • Domenico Gurzi

    IBS Health

    M.Sc. Sports and exercise scientist, qualified rehabilitation and athletic trainer, D.O. Sport, D.O.Päd., lecturer in therapeutic sciences at Fresenius University

    “The products are now an important part of many of the athletes I work with, such as Luka Modrić to achieve maximum performance.”

  • Jan Frieling

    Fit Im Tal

    DOSB physiotherapist for the national triathlon team and top athletes from the fields of football, tennis, running, handball and volleyball

    "The products from are an incredible help to support the therapeutic measures. The muscles and the tissue of scars can become noticeably softer. We have been working with in practice for some time and have received a lot of positive feedback. Patients and athletes : inside can sustainably support their therapeutic success.”

  • Marcus Hirschbiel

    Training & Therapy Marcus Hirschbiel.

    Physiotherapist, athletics & rehabilitation trainer - looking after numerous world champions and Olympic champions in alpine skiing, snowboarding, tobogganing, bobsleigh, as well as professional and young athletes in ice hockey and athletics , football and biathlon.

    ", a comeback, a wonder, a dream. Words have never been better. The most effective products that I have been able to test for 20 years and use now!

  • Nicolai stamp

    Hamburg Veolia Towers Basketball

    Head of Physiotherapy at the Veolia Towers Hamburg (1st League Basketball), individual-private care for football professionals & Olympic participants, DOSB sports physiotherapist, sparkling wine . Alternative practitioner

    "As a physiotherapist, I only have a certain amount of scope in which I can actively influence the processes for optimization and that's where came into play for me. Whether pain-relieving, supporting in rehabilitative or regenerative treatments, through to improving sleep - the basis of all healing and performance-enhancing processes - my athletes and I were able to record successes.

  • Nicole Hollaus

    getting fit | physiotherapy & functional training

    DOSB sports physiotherapist for single rower Oliver Zeidler (world champion) as well as the German national rowing team and other squad athletes from swimming, shooting, table tennis

    " a wonder - honest. A noticeably effective support for regeneration. And what could be more convincing than being asked about the products again at the next therapy session."

  • Nils Döse

    Munique Performance

    Physiotherapist, osteopath and naturopath. with a holistic approach in manual medicine and (sports) orthopedic/traumatic surgery rehabilitation. Individual diagnostics & training approaches to optimize the performance of national and international athletes from the areas of: football, handball, tennis, basketball, and much more.

    " has been my daily companion in supporting my clients for some time now. The enthusiasm of the founders is reflected in these products down to the smallest detail. I don't know of a better sports gel than a Comeback and no better support for stubborn wounds and scars than a Wonder!"

  • Timo Schall

    Praxis Schall

    Physiotherapist from Angelique Kerber, Tommy Haas (2016 + 2017) and the German national bobsleigh team

    "The products from feels like impress with their unique quality. The combination of the many active ingredients supports me in the treatment of professional athletes. Regeneration and pain reduction are positively influenced and make a noticeable difference."

That's why top international physiotherapists from professional sports rely on our products in their treatments:

  • Sports gel

    • Perfect grip and gliding ability
    • Supports muscle and joint regeneration
    • Promotes blood circulation and relaxes the muscles
    • Absorbs quickly and is not greasy
    • High yield
    • 34 natural active ingredients
    • Highly effective (0% fillers - 100% active ingredients)
    • Triple laboratory tested
    • Refreshing & relaxing smell
    • 100% natural & certified organic
    • Vegan & cruelty-free
  • Wound balm

    • Supports wound healing
    • Loosens hardened scar tissue
    • Perfect grip
    • High yield
    • 37 natural ingredients
    • Highly effective ( 0% fillers - 100% active ingredients)
    • Triple laboratory tested
    • Pleasant & gentle smell
    • 100% natural & organic certified
    • Vegan & cruelty-free

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