The professional athletes

The majority of all Bundesliga clubs and national teams as well as many Olympic champions and sports icons like Luka Modrić use our products every day.

  • Luka Modrić

    Footballer Real Madrid

    World Footballer 2018, Vice World Champion 2018, 5 x Champions League & Club World Cup winner

  • Florian Dietz


    Striker at 1. FC Köln

    “The products are quick to use, very effective and fit in any luggage - perfect for athletes: those who travel a lot and want to regenerate as effectively as possible. I now use it after every training and game.”

  • Carlotta Nwajide


    Olympics 2021, Vice World Champion, European Champion

    "I use the sports gel after every training session and notice how much I am doing I regenerate faster. So I can start the next unit with more strength."

  • Andreas Thuresson

    Ice hockey - Kölner Haie

    19. Professional season, ex-NHL, top scorer in the DEL 2023

    "I can confidently say that these recovery products have revolutionized the way I approach post-game and training recovery. They've become an integral part of my daily routine, helping me recover faster and perform at my best. These recovery products have raised the bar for what's possible in terms of athlete recuperation."

  • Victor Svensson

    Ice hockey

    Striker Düsseldorfer EG

    ”The sports gel has helped me to improve my physical recovery after games and heavy weeks of workout. It has also been helping me with scar tissues from historical injuries which was the main reason for me to test the product, and I'm really happy with the result so far."

  • Hilde Gerg


    Olympic gold in slalom, 20 World Cup victories, flag bearer at the Winter Olympics

    " is an important building block for a good ability to regenerate between training sessions in order to be able to start the next session optimally rested or even to increase the training workload. You have managed to harness the power of nature, to bundle the most effective of the plants in its purest form and to process it in a resource-saving and sustainable way ."

  • Djamila Böhm

    400m hurdles

    German champion

    "With the products I achieve faster training success because I regenerate noticeably faster. I use the sports gel immediately after each session Training session and the mouth spray to improve my sleep quality."

  • Hendrik Pfeiffer


    Olympics 2021

    "As a running professional, I take my recovery just as seriously as my daily training itself. With the products from, I have the right "tools" at my side. Whether it's tired muscles or injured skin: helps me to go into the next training session fresh and fit."

  • Marc Eggeling


    Winner of various triathlons

    I trust the sports gel a lot. I use it for regeneration after every session and also in the evening. With regular use there is a noticeable effect, which helps me to be fresh again for the next sessions! Wounds are also not uncommon in sports. Here too, the wound balm helped me enormously with the healing process and accelerated it.

  • Melanie Altenbeck-Zorn


    Vice World Champion MD'22, German Champion MD'21

    "The motto ' a comeback' This season couldn't be a better fit for me. The sports gel helped me a lot in being able to increase my training volume again after knee surgery without overtaxing my muscles. The gel not only contributed to relaxation and regeneration, but also my surgery Scars and surrounding tissue made significantly more supple. With this support I was able to celebrate my comeback in the sport of triathlon."

  • Sandrine Benz


    Multiple world, European and Swiss champion in short-distance triathlon and duathlon

    "As a triathlete who puts intensive strain on her body every day, I am I rely on good regeneration. The sports gel from works real wonders after demanding training sessions and competitions by allowing my muscles to regenerate at high speed so that they are ready for a new training stimulus the next day. I really appreciate the wound balm for the treatment of external injuries that occur to us triathletes from time to time."

  • Ricarda Bauernfeind

    Road bike - Team Canyon/SRAM

    Stage victory Tour de France Femmes 2023, 3rd place World Championships Mixed Relay

    "Especially on tours where you have to ride over several days When I push myself to my personal limits every day, the sports gel helps me to improve regeneration immediately after the race. The mouth spray complements the process so that I can calm down more quickly after exertion and my sleep quality is optimal despite the effort."

  • Katja Franzen

    Speed ​​skating

    German champion

    "I use the sports gel to accelerate my muscular regeneration and the a dream mouth spray helps helping me to optimize my competitive tension."

  • Lisa Marie Kreutz

    Show jumping rider

    State champion 2019, 5th place Zurich Masters

    Since I started using products, I have been able to do both Eliminate long-term physical problems as well as optimize regeneration after daily training. It is precisely thanks to the pain gel that I am able to start well recovered and pain-free even after hard days of training and long weeks of tournaments.

  • Kathinka von Deichmann


    Career-High Ranking 153 WTA, main draw US Open

    "The sports gel from soothes irritated areas of the body and helps Help me regenerate faster."

  • Halil Jaganjac


    1. Bundesliga (Rhein-Neckar Löwen), Croatian international (56 goals in 30 games)

    "I am currently in rehab process after my shoulder surgery and I can say that the feels .like products are really helping me. My favorite is the sport gel that I use every day to help my shoulder recover and relax after tough exercises. In professional handball bruises and injuries are normal thing, so you must be prepared. Thanks to , I have the best support that I can get."

  • Lotta Heider


    1. Bundesliga HSG Bensheim/Auerbach, youth national team

    "The products particularly help me to relax and regenerate, which means I can achieve my maximum performance in every training session."

  • Lisa Wegner


    World Champion 2018 & 2022, German Champion 2017-2023

    "As soon as I notice a little pulling somewhere, I use the sports gel to stop it from happening a big problem. Our training sessions are often late in the evening, so the mouth spray helps me to quickly get into rest mode and thus ensures my regeneration."

  • Miryam Roper


    3 times at the Olympics, Pan American Champion 2020

  • Jonas Billstein

    Mixed Martial Arts

    GMC European Light Heavyweight Championship

  • Freddy Kiwitt


    WBF World Champion, WBO European Champion, ABU African Champion & BDB German Champion

    "In contact sports like boxing you always have some kind of injuries. That's what feels .like Sportgel was a real game changer for me. The regeneration became significantly faster and better, so that I was able to increase the training workload significantly. The mouth spray helps me to sleep better during the competition phase with all the pressure."

  • Tim Wenisch

    HYROX Elite Athlete

    Double Double World Record holder - Vice European Champion

    "An absolute game changer for every athlete. Thanks to feels. like I can train harder and longer without neglecting regeneration."

  • Linda Meyer

    HYROX Elite

    Vice World Champion 2022

    "The products from are a real game changer for me. In the middle of a long injury The gel was just right, I immediately felt a significant improvement and have been using it every day after training ever since! The mouth spray also helps me wind down in the evening before falling asleep and fall asleep much faster."

  • Pia Maertens


    Olympics 2021 & European Champion 2022

    "I have been using products since my cruciate ligament injury. This not only makes my scars beautiful, but also me I also regenerate quickly and can start the next unit fresh and pain-free."

  • Sandra Gal


    Olympics 2016

    "After my operation in 2022, the team helped me with their optimism and products helped with my healing. I especially love the sports gel, how it feels, the smell and the knowledge that my body can regenerate much faster and more naturally. I appreciate the sustainability and love that is at the heart of product development. "

  • Philipp Autenrieth


    World Champion 470

    “The sports gel in particular helps me enormously to regenerate the muscles that are heavily stressed when sailing more quickly and therefore to be resilient again more quickly and on the other hand, of course, to increase the efficiency and quality of the training.”

  • Susanne Lier

    Stand up Paddle

    4 x Worldchampion, German Champion 2022

    "The products from are my best training partners and accompany me me in my daily life. Thanks to the mouth spray and the sports gel, I have ideal recovery."

  • Deniel Cramer


    4. German Championships, West German Champion

    "As a skateboarder you fall down more often than you land, but thanks to, I get up more often than I fail! Simply the best products for the regeneration."