1. Dear Carlotta, please introduce yourself and tell us when you fell in love with rowing?

I am 26 years old, live in Berlin, am a competitive rowing athlete and study geography. Last year I went to the Olympic Games in Tokyo for the first time and came fifth there. Otherwise, my greatest successes are the European Championship title and second place at the World Rowing Championships. I actually fell in love with rowing because it was the first sport I was really good at and my first taste of success in the sport was rowing. Over time, I noticed how good exercise was for me and now it's difficult for me not to exercise.

The special thing about rowing is the feeling for the boat and working together with the boat. When things are going really well, I enter a meditative state in which I only feel and no longer think. It's then just a matter of letting the boat move on and moving along with the boat.


2. Use three hashtags to tell us which #values ​​are particularly important to you.





3. What issues do you support besides sport? What would you demonstrate for or against?

Basically, I would demonstrate against any form of misanthropy and social and structural injustice. This includes, for example, racism, anti-queer sentiment, sexism, ableism but also the climate crisis. It is important to understand that this is not just about the actions of individual people, but is about structural, systemic problems that have developed in society over a long time.

This includes a lot of topics, but often the causes are close to each other or are related to each other.

In recent years, I have primarily been committed to anti-racism and climate justice.


4. Which sporting achievements are you particularly proud of?

I am particularly proud of my first World Cup medal and my second European Championship medal. Both days showed me what I'm capable of in terms of sport and that I can be at the top.


5. What role does the topic of regeneration play for you as a competitive athlete?

Regeneration in competitive sports is incredibly important. We train two to three times a day. Our bodies are constantly under strain and only when we recover can we perform again. If we don't take care of ourselves, we are susceptible to injury and our immune system is weakened. Furthermore, as training becomes more professional, there are fewer and fewer opportunities to get more out of yourself. Personally, periods of rest in between are incredibly good for me. They are a good way to make my training even more effective.


6. What have you done for your physical and mental health this week?

As usual, I did a lot of exercise, which is always good for my physical and mental health, and tried to go to bed fairly early. so early enough so as not to be overtired the next day. I also practiced yoga and meditated a bit. As a Westerner, I will never be able to fully understand yoga and that should always be taken into consideration. What I've taken from it so far is that it's good for me and helps me feel my body and find peace. This also means that I took time for myself.

Basically, I just have a few routines that I know are good for me. I think each person has to find out for themselves. It definitely helps me to give myself a few loose structures and to know that it's not a bad thing if I don't always stick to them or change them sometimes.


7. Why did you choose like?

I have the feels.like products and was simply very satisfied with them and believe that they can support me in competitive sports and in my everyday life. I also found the CBD approach interesting. As a competitive athlete, I have to be particularly careful with CBD because it can often contain THC residues and THC is on the doping list. So I was a little skeptical at first. But through the test procedures I know that feels.like places particular emphasis on being free of THC and is therefore particularly suitable for me as a competitive athlete.


8. Now it gets difficult – if you could only use one like product, which one would you choose?

Can I also name two products? After hard training sessions, I would use the sports gel and apply it to tired muscles. The mouth spray really impressed me and I think it's my favorite product at the moment.


9. If you could wish for new like products for next year, what would they be?

That's difficult. I'm currently very satisfied with the existing products and completely happy for now. If that changes, I'll let you know.


10. What goals are you currently pursuing?

After the Olympics, I'm taking a break and would like to finish my bachelor's degree and start my master's degree. So things have calmed down a bit at the moment and I can look around a bit more away from the sport. My next big sporting goal is the Olympic Games in Paris in 2024.

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