Über die Grenzen hinaus - was Sport für den Körper bedeutet

Beyond the limits - what sport means for the body

Sport is healthy, sport strengthens your body and sport promotes a healthy mind. This is known, right?

What does sport really mean for your body?

Sport means one thing for the organism: inflammation and stress.

It sounds negative, but it is not necessarily so. Through constant training and, above all, breaks, regular sport and exercise maintains fitness and promotes health. The fact is that the body strengthens itself when it is exposed to regular stress. This starts with climbing stairs every day and ends with conscious training. Dosed physical stress ensures that a certain level of training is maintained.

In order to be able to use this physical stress as beneficial, you have to be able to cope with these demands physically and mentally.

If you go jogging, for example, the physical exertion can be measured. The body releases stress hormones, including adrenaline, cortisol and increased levels of inflammation. Usually in an easy to spread area, strengthening the body and making it more resistant to stress.

The optimal dose of sport lies in balancing endurance and strength training. Sports doctors recommend three to four units of endurance sports and two to three units of strength training, each lasting half to three quarters of an hour, are enough to keep your body healthy.

You must not underestimate the psychological stress. Because the physical stress caused by sport is counterproductive if you are under stress. The thought of exercise in such circumstances is not conducive to well-being.

If you expose yourself to additional stress after a stressful day, it can be the last straw.

Experienced athletes have it easier because the resistance they learn through sport only develops over the course of several weeks or even months.

Over this time, the perfect training is a personal experience. Every person is different and needs individual training and, above all, breaks to achieve sustainable results.

Breaks are what the body needs to “learn” from the stress of sport.

Breaks are the source of performance. When you are planning your training, be sure to include fixed break times!

This is how you learn to listen to your body and notice what helps you and when.

Sport means getting to know yourself better, this journey is something personal and should be supported by the best products.

We at Feels. like share the passion for movement and effectively support your body in regeneration thanks to our natural products.

Do your body good and dare to take the next step towards sustainable training.