Es geht um mehr als nur Bewegung: Warum Sport im Wald gesünder ist

It's about more than just exercise: Why exercise in the forest is healthier

The sun shines through the dense greenery. The air flows cold into your lungs, and you can feel the soft forest floor under your feet. Jogging in the forest brings us down, slows down and relaxes us.

Scene change: 

Music booms from the speakers. There are other athletes around you pumping, training, stretching. Motivated trainers push you to achieve top performance. You are here every day because you got your subscription cheaply.

Now the question: Where do you see yourself?

Nature and sport are often laughed at, established as a special event or seen as a cheap solution to the gym.

The truth: In nature, in addition to exercise, sport brings balance to our bodies that is often missing in everyday life.

Today, around 75% of the European population lives in cities. The opportunity to do sports in nature or even in the forest should therefore be viewed as a privilege. In a study on “well-being in the forest”, the Finnish Institute for Forest Research has shown what everyone feels who spends more than five hours a month in the countryside.

The forest has a calming and stress-reducing effect on our organism. Stress hormones are reduced and even the heart rate and the immune system benefit from the green environment. The higher oxygen content in the forest air increases the elasticity of the blood vessels and increases the lung volume. This has a positive effect on blood pressure and heart rate.

Our immune system also benefits from spending time outdoors. The terpenes released by trees and plants increase the number of active immune cells in the body. A jogging trip in the forest serves as a real poster for the immune system.

A quiet, green environment is also a real holiday for the eyes. In everyday office life, our eyes are mainly staring at screens, artificial light and close vision not only stresses the eyes, but above all the brain. A quiet, wide view during a trip into the forest is a mini vacation and allows our minds to find new focus again.

These positive effects on the human organism should not be underestimated, especially in our performance-oriented society.

Now you might be thinking, “OK, going outside is healthy.” But it’s more than that. It's about the positive effect that the nature around us has on us. It's about the balance that we can create through a simple walk, not only for the body, but above all for the mind.

Now jogging or walking in the forest doesn't replace strength training in the gym, but it is the perfect complement. After an intensive training program, a trip to the forest offers optimal regeneration.

Because movement in nature is also part of our “Passion for Movement”. We know what nature can do for us. In our natural products for the regeneration and balance of body and mind, we have proven what the power of plants can do for us.

Enjoy your next round in the forest to the fullest and feel into yourself and let your soul unwind so that the stress of the city can no longer harm you.