You have already taken the first step towards discovering your full sporting potential and taking your performance to the next level. With the products you can optimize your recovery simply and effectively. From today on there is nothing that can interrupt your exercise routine.

Find out how you can get the most out of the active ingredient complexes - and therefore out of yourself.

Ready, set, recover!

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Muscle complex a comeback

Muscle complex

Why is muscle recovery important?

Effective muscle regeneration is the key to your long-term sporting success:

  1. Injury prevention and training continuity: Effective regeneration significantly reduces your risk of injury. Every workout puts your body to a tough test. Without adequate recovery, minor injuries can develop into serious injuries. During the regeneration phase, your muscles are able to repair and strengthen themselves, which increases their resilience and prevents injuries. By supporting your body as best as possible, you protect yourself from overload and the associated risks. Overall, this means that training losses due to injuries are less common.
  2. Increasing performance: The secret to achieving your peak sporting performance lies in regeneration. Microscopic muscle tears occur during exercise. During the regeneration phase, this damage to muscle tissue is repaired and the muscles are strengthened. This ultimately leads to an increase in your strength and endurance. The result? You will become stronger, fitter and can give your all in your next training session. Your progress will be visible and you'll be able to train harder and reach your goals faster.
  3. Joint Health: The importance of muscle recovery also extends to the health of your joints . When the muscles around a joint are strong and stable, it reduces stress on the joint. Well-developed muscles act like a kind of shock absorber, reducing the pressure on the joints during training. In this way, you reduce joint pain and discomfort, promote mobility and ensure that you can remain active and pain-free in the long term. Insufficient muscle regeneration can lead to increased wear and tear and painful joint problems in the long term.

The regeneration of your muscles is important to avoid injuries, increase your performance and stay healthy and fit in the long term. The a comeback is specially developed to accelerate these regeneration processes and support you on your way to sporting success. You and your muscles deserve the best care for optimal sporting performance.

When should the Muscle Complex be used?

Most athletes use the a comeback Muscle Complex after every training and for the following symptoms:

  • Tired and heavy legs
  • Sore muscles
  • Muscle strains
  • Tension (e.g. neck, back, calves)
  • Inflammation of the joints
  • Bruises and bruises
  • Inflammation of tendons
  • Ruined ligaments
  • Back and neck pain
  • Arthritis
  • Sports injuries such as sprains
  • Overuse of the muscles
  • Symptoms of fatigue after intensive training

How do I use the Muscle Complex optimally?

Heavy legs after a hard run, a sore back after cycling training, or strained joints from weight training - optimize your muscle and joint regeneration by applying the a comeback Muscle Complex thinly to your stressed muscles and yours after each training session Apply joints. Since products are very effective and have the highest possible density of active ingredients, even small amounts are enough to achieve the desired effect. Depending on your height, two to four pumps from our 50ml bottle are sufficient for your entire leg (thigh + calf). For smaller areas of skin such as the neck, hips or knees, half a pump is enough.

For acute sports injuries such as strains, tension or torn ligaments, you can apply the active ingredient complex to the affected areas of your body between two to six times a day, depending on your needs . Pay attention to your sense of pain and the feeling on your skin and in your muscles.

The Muscle Complex should not be applied to irritated or open skin, wounds or mucous membranes and is not suitable for pregnant women, infants and small children. Store it dry, protected from the sun and cool (≤ 20 °C).

*Cosmetic agent: The Muscle Complex is only used cosmetically and does not replace medical treatment, for example in the case of sports injuries. a wonder

Repair complex a wonder

Repair complex

Why is wound care important?

Rapid wound healing and skin regeneration is crucial for athletes:

  1. Avoiding interruptions in training: Injuries or skin problems can interrupt your training and hinder progress. Fast wound healing allows you to minimize injury time and return to training faster. This means you can maintain your training rhythm and pursue your sporting goals without long interruptions. This is particularly important in disciplines where consistency and training efficiency are crucial.
  2. Infection Prevention: Open wounds or skin lesions can be a serious problem during exercise. During sporting activities, the risk of infection through open wounds or skin injuries is significantly increased, as sweat, dirt and bacteria can come into contact with the wounds. Closing wounds in a timely manner through effective wound healing helps your skin restore its natural barrier function. This means you can continue your sporting activity without being affected.
  3. Maintaining your performance: Skin problems, be it due to wounds, friction or irritation, can impair your performance. Efficient skin regeneration ensures that the skin remains intact and does not cause painful distractions for you.
  4. Minimizing scarring: The skin is the largest organ in our body and has the amazing ability to heal itself. Accelerated wound healing helps your skin return to its natural state while leaving as little scar tissue as possible. Scars can not only be cosmetically disturbing, but they can also affect the mobility and flexibility of your skin. Scar formation can hinder your sporting success, especially in sports where freedom of movement of the skin is important.

Optimized skin regeneration is an essential part of being able to give your best and achieve your sporting goals . The a wonder wound balm supports your skin in these regeneration processes and is therefore an indispensable companion for your recovery routine.

When should the Repair Complex be used?

The a wonder Repair Complex is often used in the following cases:

  • Abrasions
  • Cuts
  • Friction-related skin problems
  • Blisters
  • Scar care
  • Burns
  • Atopic dermatitis
  • Dry skin
  • Cracked lips
  • Itchy, inflamed skin
  • Skin irritation
  • Sweat rash

How to use the Repair Complex?

For optimal effect, you should apply the Repair Complex thinly to the affected skin areas once or several times a day. You can also use it to treat fresh, open wounds without any concerns. To care for hardened scar tissue, ideally massage the balm on before sports or other strenuous activities and feel how the elasticity returns to the tissue. To ensure that the valuable ingredients are well absorbed, you should remove dirt and sebum from the skin before use.

Not suitable for pregnant women, infants and small children. Store dry, protected from the sun and cool (≤ 20 °C). a recharge

Night complex

Why is restful sleep important?

Restorative sleep is crucial for your sporting success:

  1. Increased performance: During sleep, your body regenerates on several levels. Muscle tissue is repaired, energy stores are replenished, and the nervous system recovers. The REM phase of sleep is particularly important for cognitive function and learning. This means that restful sleep increases your physical and mental performance, which leads to better sporting results.
  2. Injury Prevention: Sleep also plays a key role in injury prevention. If your body doesn't get enough time to repair muscles, tendons, and ligaments, the risk of injury increases significantly. Restful sleep promotes recovery and helps prevent injuries.
  3. Immune system and training continuity: Sleep strengthens the immune system, which protects you from illness. A strong immune system plays a key role in maintaining your exercise routine as it reduces the chances of illness and infection. Any break due to illness can hinder your training progress and lead to a drop in performance. Restful sleep allows you to pursue your sporting goals without constant interruptions and to constantly improve your performance.
  4. Stress management: Sleep is essential for managing stress. Many athletes are often exposed to stress and pressure, be it due to competitions or performance goals. Restful sleep helps reduce your stress levels and strengthens your emotional resilience.
  5. Weight control: Sleep also affects your hormonal levels, particularly hormones that regulate appetite. Inadequate sleep can lead to increased feelings of hunger and a reduced ability of the body to burn fat efficiently. Athletes who pay attention to their weight benefit from adequate sleep quality.

Restorative sleep is an indispensable part of your sporting success. The a dream mouth spray, which improves your sleep quality, is therefore invaluable so that you can give your best and achieve your sporting goals.

When should the Night Complex be used?

The a recharge Night Complex is often used in the following cases:

  • Stress and tension
  • Pressure to perform
  • Trouble falling asleep
  • Difficulty sleeping through the night
  • Jet lag and time change
  • Shift work
  • Travel and vacation
  • Sleeping disorders 

How to use the Night Complex?

For your optimal a dream experience, we recommend using the Night Complex every evening about half an hour before going to bed. Spray two to four sprays under your tongue and keep the active ingredient complex there for about 90 seconds so that the active ingredients can be easily absorbed through the mucous membranes. Since the effect depends on individual factors such as body weight, we recommend starting with a low dosage and adjusting it as needed. If you track your sleep using a sports watch, then take a look at how your REM and deep sleep phases have changed after a week a dream.

The Night Complex is not suitable for pregnant women, infants and small children . Store dry, protected from the sun and cool (≤ 20 °C).